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Winners GUITAR 2020 Video Competition Featured

The winners of the GUITAR 2020 video competition are: 1st Prize - Marius Schnurr (Germany), 2nd Prize - Lorenzo Reggiani (Switzerland), and 3rd Prize -  Marie Sans together with Alice Letort (France). Launched during the COVID19 pandemic, the GUITAR 2020 video competition has provided a platform for our semifinalists to express themselves freely, unbound by expectations, showing their personal vision on music and the classical guitar. We were thrilled to receive 13 beautiful and interesting video entries (involving 14 semifinalists), all made with great care and showing an enormous variety in styles and approaches. This made it especially hard to come to a decision for our cciMB Jury, which was joined for the occasion by the independent filmmaker and author Fred van der Kooij. We would like to thank all the participants for the time and effort they put into preparing their videos. The winning videos will be visible exclusively through our website here up to 31 March 2021, while each of the other submitted videos will be presented over the coming months.

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 From left to right: Marius Schnurr, Lorenzo Reggiani, and Marie Sans.

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