Karine Gonzalez is a multifaceted artist. After studying piano, solfeggio and classical dance for 10 years, she found her passion in flamenco,  the ideal language to express herself artistically as it combines music and dance and reaches back to her Spanish roots. After studying classical languages and Spanish literature, she met in Paris the Iranian actor and dancer Shahrokh Meshkin Ghalam (Theater of the Sun) with whom she performed in many of his creations inspired by Persian mythology, poetry and mysticism, confronting flamenco with Sufi dance. She obtained a Lavoisier scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowing her to study for two years at the famous flamenco school of Madrid Amor de Dios under the guidance of Antonio Reyes, professor and dancer of flamenco at the Nacional Ballet de España. Karine collaborated with Reyes’, joining his company for the choreographic competition of Madrid, and also with Tony Gatlif participating in many of his movies and shows.