Maurizio Pisati is a composer and performer with his own group ZONE. He has presented his works at various festivals in Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, and Latin America. His compositions have been awarded prizes at national and international competitions, including Gaudeamus Amsterdam, Contilli Messina, Icons Torino, Petrassi Parma, Brecht Milano, and Bucchi Roma. Furthermore, he received the Stipendienpreis Darmstadt Ferienkursen für Neue Musik as well as aJapan Uchida Fellowship.
His works have been published by Casa-Ricordi and broadcast by radio stations all over the world. They range from solo compositions to orchestral works, up to compositions for electronics only or for theater, in a constant exploration of the frontiers of human thought, of sounds of every kind, up to those of the symbol itself, elaborated and re-proposed in real time in an instrumental ensemble.


He teaches at the G. B. Martini Conservatory in Bologna, where he founded INCROCIlab together with Walter Zanetti and created the study and research center-CSR. He is the artistic director of the pactSOUNDzone review at PactaSalone in Milan within the theater season of the PACTA · deiTeatri company.