Daniela Rossi

Born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, in 1984, Daniela Rossi studied guitar with Eduardo Gonzalez Velasco at the Conservatory of Bahia Blanca, graduating in 2006. Since 2001, she has taken masterclasses for several years with Eduardo Isaac and Victor Villadangos in Argentina. She developed a functional way of playing with guitarist and music therapist Liliana Ardissone and Feldenkrais practitioner Nora Bandieri in Buenos Aires. After moving to the UK, she studied with Graham Devine in London and attended master classes by Nigel North, Zoran Dukic, Pavel Steidl, Alex Garrobé, Ricardo Gallén, Walter Heinze, Máximo Pujol, and many others. She continued her artistic development with Paolo Pegoraro and Adriano del Sal at the Segovia Guitar Academy in Pordenone, Italy.

Daniela has won numerous performance awards and prizes in South America and in Europe, among which first prize at the II Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Santa María de la Armonía, Argentina (2004), the IV Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Compensar,  Bogotá, Colombia (2008), the XXXVI Luis Sigall International Music Competition, Viña del Mar, Chile (2009) and the III London International Guitar Competition, London, UK (2015). She regularly performs in Latin America, Europe and UK in solo recitals, in duets and small ensembles, for TV shows and radios.