Clément Charpentier

Clément Charpentier started play the classical guitar at the age of 8. As his motivation for the instrument grew, he decided to join the class of Frédéric Ben Attar, at the Conservatoire Régional de Nancy. Eager to learn every aspect of the guitar, he also started to play electric guitar which offered him his firsts steps on stage with different bands, playing different music genres ranging from Jazz to Punk. In 2012 he graduated, obtaining his Musical Study Diploma (DEM) and one year later, a Bachelor in Musicology. He proceeded his studies for three years with Gérard Abiton at the Pôle Superieur d'enseignement artistique of Paris (PSPBB), earning his National University Diploma in Professional Music (DNSMP). At the same time, he participates in international competitions, winning second prize at the 3rd International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini in San Francisco (2016) and at the international guitar competition of the city of Antony (2017). He is also part of the Bergamasque Guitar Quartet together with Bruno Pancek, Clément Mengelle and Raphaël Guichard.